Directions and Parking


Ticket machine at metro stations and in the main hall of the main railway station. For the CZK 24 ticket press the second button from above in the left row: Once for 1 ticket, 2x for two etc., then insert coins of CZK 20, 10, 5 or 2. Photo dpp

From the Central station (Hlavní nádraží = Autobusová St. Wilsonova in case you arrive there by bus):

After arriving you walk down to the corridor connecting you to the main halls of the Main Station. You then go down again to the lower level of the building, where at the lower end of the escalators you find bank machines (ATM, here called “Bankomat”), opposite the ticket counters. There is also an ATM close to the shops on your right when coming down the escalators from the upper hall.

You will need a ticket for CZK 24 (Czech Crowns; = approx. € 1) for a ticket valid for 30 min. As you do not get coins at the ATM, either do some little shopping to get coins of CZK 20, 10, 5 or so for the ticket machine directly at the metro station OR go to the booth at the metro station entrance where you can pay also with banknotes.

You take metro C (the only line there), direction “Háje(The access close to the train station hall exits) for 2 stops till stop “I.P. Pavlova, take the first exit to your right coming from the escalators, take tram 22 uphill to tram stop “Krymská” (3 stops), walk back, up to the next corner, and then turn left, walk down Donská street, past the Pilot cinema, for about 130 m to nr. 13 with plenty of plants outside.

From Florenc Bus Terminal (ÚAN Florenc):

Two options for getting to ARCO:

1) By bus. As you need coins for the ticket machine, walk to the ATMs in the hall of the NEW terminal building, half left from where you get off the bus, get money and buy yourself a drink or so. You can buy tickets at the Pont shop right at the other exit of the terminal hall OR walk down the underground passage at the exit of the bus terminal, turn left and buy a KC 24 ticket at the ticket machines at the entrance to the metro to your left.

Bus 135 has its stop opposite the exit of the bus terminal, right across the parking lot outside the bus terminal. Get out at the 6th stop:

From ÚAN Florenc:

1) Náměstí Winstona Churchilla
2) Na Smetance
3) Římská
4) Náměstí Míru
5) Jana Masaryka
6) Krymská

Get out, turn right, walk up to the next corner, and then turn left, walk down Donská street, past the Pilot cinema, for about 200 m to no. 13 with plenty of plants outside.

2) By metro and tram: You walk down to the metro stop, get a KC 24 ticket as above, and continue downstairs to metro C where you take the train on your left, direction “Háje“.
Get out at the 3rd stop, “I.P. Pavlova“, take the escalator upstairs (There’s only one exit, seen from the train, to your left), keep right and take the first escalator to your right, continue to the tram stop and take tram 22 uphill (direction of the church you see at the end of the street). Get out after 3 stops at “Krymská“, rest as given above.

From Václav Havel Airport, Ruzyně (Letiště Václava Havla, Praha Ruzyně):

As you need coins for the tickets, get money at the ATM in the arrival hall and buy yourself a drink or so.

Walk to the bus no.119 stop in front of terminals 1 or 2 (Ticket counter in the arrival hall OR ticket machines directly at the bus stop!), buy a CZK 32 (= Czech Crowns) ticket and travel till
metro A, stop “Nádraží Veleslavín (end of bus line, approx. 15 min.). From there metro A, direction “Depo Hostivař” or “Skalka” till stop “náměsti Míru” (8 stops); then take
tram 22 uphill till “Krymská” (2 stops), get out, turn right, walk up to the next corner, and then turn left, walk down Donská street, past the Pilot cinema, for about 130 m to no. 13 with plenty of plants outside.

Public transport: Timetables and connections

To ARCO Guesthouse by bike

Even if bikeriding gets more and more popular in the Czech Republic, car drivers often do not see bikeriders as equal road users. Most of the streets in the center have no separate bikepaths, and Prague still has many cobblestone roads. Prague is a very hilly city.

Arriving at Prague coming from the South or South East, e.g. from Vienna, you should choose Bike Route A23, in some sections still shown as no. 11, leading eventually to a neighbourhood called Vršovice, and a main artery called Vršovická.

Instead of following A23 westbound on Vršovická, turn right and follow the street for about 130m to the next crossing, and there turn left, up Sportovní street. As the sidewalk on the left of Sportovní is mostly empty, go there instead of riding in the street, up to a square where you bump into a street with tram tracks.

Turn left and follow the tram tracks for about 1.1 km, and turn left again, passing a tram stop, into Donská street. Caution: This street is a oneway uphill, so you had better descend and walk approx. 130m downhill to reach ARCO Guesthouse.

We recommend this detour as the regular bike maps would indicate a route which is rather steep and runs along cobblestone streets and uneven sidewalks.

This website is mainly in Czech, but scrolling down you find a map showing bike route A23.

More directions:

From ARCO Guesthouse to the Airport / Letiště Václava Havla:

You need a ticket for CZK 32.

You walk up Donská street and take tram 22 till náměstí Míru (the square with the church, 2 stops, direction downtown, named “Bíla horaon the train).

Walk back to the entrance of the metro stop, walk downstairs and take metro A. You take the train that approaches you (on your left, coming down the escalator) till stop Nádraží Veleslavín, 8 stops).

There you take the front exit (in the direction of the train), ride up the escalator and then take the flight of stairs half left (If you have heavy luggage, rather take the rear exit of the station which has a lift). You arrive at the terminal of bus 119 which brings you directly to the airport, where the bus line ends.

The first stop at the airport is terminal one for “Non-Schengen-Countries”, i.e. departures outside the EU passport free zone, the second stop is terminal 2 for flights to “Schengen-Countries”, i.e. passport-free travel (But you have to present your passport for identification anyway).


(More on this to come)