More Useful Information

  • On the first Wednesday every month, at 12 noon, the public sirenes hoot for one minute for testing purposes.
  • Tap water is absolutely fine and drinkable in Prague.
  • If you’re happy with service and food, tip your waiter with about 10% of the billed amount – better in cash, otherwise the restaurant might cash it. The same is valid for taxi drivers.
  • If you need a cab, better call a yellow AAA taxi, +420 140 14. They are reliable, have a taximetre and can issue invoices, and their office speaks English.
  • Most shopkeepers, waiters and museum staff in Prague’s historical centre speak English.
  • At restaurants and shops, don’t accept offers to pay in €. The exchange rates are often disadvantegous. Exceptions: Czech Railways at major stations, Tesco stores, H&M and a few others that display the official exchange rate.
  • Public transport tickets are valid on all means of public transportation, trams, buses and metro, within the city limits.
  • Addresses have frequently double numbering: ARCO Guesthouse e.g. is in Donská street no. 176/13. The first number, which is displayed in red on houses, is an old but still valid system of sequential numbering: The first building in a certain area was numbered 1, the second one, even if in a distance, got no. 2, etc. The blue numbers were introduced in the 1860ies and number the houses streetwise, even ones on the right side, odd ones on the left, either starting from the direction of the city center or clockwise. See also