Our Walks: Reviews

Guenther, Anelle, Michael, Oct. 2015

With Annelle and Michael

Michael, UK, Oct. 2015

(…) What’s more, Guenther leads guided walks based on different themes as noted in his guidebook, sent to AirBnb guests, ‘Funtastic Prague’. We had him as a personal guide for a whole day and it was a delight – we asked him to choose a theme. We looked at things we didn’t know were there, visit places we’d never heard of and dined at a place we may not have been brave enough to try without his guidance. We can’t recommend one of these tours enough.

Shruthi, Shyam, Sept. 2015_1

With Shruthi and Shyam

Shruthi, India, Sept. 2015


(…) The highlight of our trip to Prague was Gunther’s walking tour. It was a special view of the city through local eyes, hidden alleyways, uncrowded vistas and so many stories that will last us for a lifetime.


Sean, USA, July 2015

(…) His personal walking tours are highly recommended as well; Guenther clearly loves Prague and is extremely knowledgable about the city and it’s history. During our stay he took us through an extended walk through the city for most of the day, avoiding crowds, showing us some places and thing we wouldn’t have looked for ourselves, and providing interesting background everywhere we stopped. His tour, and the orientation to the city it provided, were probably the most valuable part of our trip. The dining and shopping recommendations Guenther made were similarly impressive.

Gerald, Canada, February 2015

(…) Our morning conversations were so interesting that we decided to book Guenther as a guide for a day. He accommodated us on very short notice and laid out a beautiful tour with stories and surprises that you would never find elsewhere. His passion and love for the city was contagious.

Renee, April 2015_2

With Renee at the Terrace Gardens below Prague Castle

Renee, USA, Feb. 2015

(…) I took advantage of Guenther’s specialized private tours (4 of them) and saw most of the neighborhoods of Prague, learning so much about the city’s history, architecture, culture, etc. and at the same time avoiding the crowds for the majority of this. The ONLY way to see Prague and very worth it!

Amy, Nov. 3, 2014

With Amy in front of the Mácha memorial

Amy, USA, Oct. 2014


(…) On my last full day in Prague, Guenther took me around for a tour of the city’s “off-the-beaten-path” sights, geared toward my interests. Guenther truly has expert knowledge about History, art, architecture, culture, and social dynamics, and we always had good conversation about these subjects.




Donna, U raka, Sept. 2014

With Donna at the Café U Raka

Donna, USA/Mexico, Sept. 2014

(…) The walking tour I took with him added so much depth and richness to my experience of Prague, and introduced me to corners I never would have found on my own.

In addition to this, Donna also wrote about her tour in her blog.


With Rosa in the cute botanical garden of Charles University

Rosa, Spain, August 2014

Güenther has been more than a tour guide for me; he is, definetly, my favourite Prague’s narrator. It was really nice getting to know Prague through his narratives and he just understood what I really wanna knew about Prague. If I’ve got to know something about the city of a 100 Spires and the secret life of its German/Jewish intelectuals it has been thanks to Güenther.

Café Sladkovský

With Sven-Eric at Café Sladkovský

Sven-Eric, Germany, May 2014

(…) Er bot mir, ohne aufdringlich zu wirken, eine von ihm geführte Tour an. Vom Preis der Tour her würde ich mal sagen das es wahrscheinlich mittelpreisig ist aber man bekommt eine auf die Person zu geschnittene Tour, wenn man es möchte. Diese Tour war echt empfehlenswert und lehrreich und für mich persönlich weit Weg des üblichen Tourismuskrams.

Barbara, Austria, May 2014

(…) His knowledge about the history of the historical people and buildings of Prague is extraordinary! He is a very polite and friendly person. We loved the discussions with him and his explantations on the tour through Prague were very interesting. He knows a lot of stories to the various sights. The speciality about his guided tours is that they are off the tourist paths. Guenther has the patience of a saint when it comes to take time for photography!

Petra, Germany, April 2014

(…) I enjoyed a long sight seeing tour with him, which could not be clouded by a cold rain shower!


With Bob&Betsy in the New World quarter

Lotta, Emily & Agnes, Feb. 2016_4

With Lotta, Emily & Agnes having a trdelník


With Patrick at the Futura gallery