The Ringhoffer Library @ ARCO Guesthouse

IMG_1684Literacy is one of the fundamental attributes of modern society. Reading is one of the skills to acquire knowledge and to mobilise reflection.

What I mean by reading isn’t related to mental fast food like twitter or instant messaging etc., but to the good old book. If you stay at ARCO Guesthouse, you should slow down, put tablet and cellphone aside, choose some reading from our library and see how miraculously the things you’re reading connect to, and accomplish, what you see and what you saw in the city.

Our library is not large, but I guess I am correct by assuming that you will not find a similar collection of books in any other hotel here, specifically selected for the visitor of Prague with a deep interest in the city’s history & culture.

Neff_Sňatky z rozumuBut it’s by far not just what you’d call Pragensia. It’s works of famous and less know local writers, books on the art you can see in Prague’s wonderful museums, biographies of people born here or who came here for various reasons – Lenin and Einstein are just two examples – and it’s literature on issues related to the city and the country.

Like what, for example?

Did you know that the son of the unhappy King Frederick I of Bohemia, the Winter King, who reigned just for one year from 1619 to 1620 before he had to flee for being a protestant and thus opposing the Emperor, was the father of Prince Rupert of the Rhine, the founder of the Hudson’s Bay Company and the eponym for the city of Prince Rupert, British Columbia, the community of Prince Rupert in the city of Edmonton, Alberta, and the Rupert River in Quebec?

Two of the most prominent Alchymists during the reign of Emperor Rudolf II came from England. Most of the stonemasons, sculptors and architects of Baroque Prague came from Italy. They were so numerous that they had their own neighbourhood including a hospital and a church. A still existing streetname shows you were they lived. And most of them came exactly from the same region north of Milan. Why is that…?

IMG_1725If you stay at ARCO Guesthouse you will get answers to lots of questions – to those you wanted to be answered, but even more to those you didn’t even think about asking.

The library is called after one of the most wealthy dynasties of industrialists who left their mark on Prague, the country and beyond, between 1769 and 1945. One of their last descendants is a personal friend of us. In his honour we named the library after his family.

Guests can order books to be ready at their room upon arrival. Just browse the catalogue  – after your booking you get the password (Max. 3 volumes per person at once).