The Ringhoffer Library: How To Use & Catalogue

It’s a small library of about 350 books from my own private collection, very carefully selected.


Section A are books with relevance to Prague and the Czech Republic (respectively Czechoslovakia and Bohemia, the country’s historical names), including quite a few rare editions – books we got as gifts or which found at antiquariats, i.e. second hand bookstores, which Prague offers in abundance. There is also a quite nice cross section of Czech authors – however, mostly in Czech or German: Hrabal, Jirásek, Kafka, Kisch, Neff, Neruda, Čapek, Werfel, Werich etc.


The pride of this collection is one book in particular: The story of the Ringhoffer dynasty in Portuguese (of which I have a German translation). It is the very only copy ever, given to me by one of the last descendants of this family. One of stories I published on our website is an illustrated and extended re-narration of it, together with the relevant locations in and around Prague. Our guests can access this story via an extra password.

ZolaSection B is what I’d call recognised world literature – which is always vague, but we tried our best – a wide range from Dante via Shakespeare to Zola, Orwell or Sartre, in English, French, German and Italian. There are also some ideologically controversial books – two novels by Lion Feuchtwanger, a biased biography of Lenin or a novel by Céline – this does not mean that we share the author’s opinions, but one always has to know what one criticises.

Barbara VineSection C is simply easy reading – crime fiction, Dan Brown or some weird stuff as well, when you’ve had enough of history&culture…

The catalogue (See below) contains lots of abbreviations that should help you selecting. It’s sometimes difficult to classify, like e.g. to range a book about somebody’s personal experiences under autobiography or rather history, or books on architecture and art under one of these two criteria. We’d help you with that anyway.

Most of the books on history, art and culture you find on the bookshelf in the breakfast café, and the rest is split up at the rooms and corridors. Some of the more valuable books are avaliable only on demand – you’d need to be extra careful and be sure to return them in their original state. For some of the books I allow myself to ask you for a small deposit.

Please don’t take any book home before consulting me. Most of the books are cheap, and if you’d like to have them, and if we can give them away, you pay €4 or 5 or so and they are yours.

We actually sell section C books actively – to be able to buy new books for section A. Thus the library gets more and more unique.

You can order books to be ready at your room upon your arrival. Just browse the catalogue  (Max. 3 volumes per person at once).

For the time being the catalogue is available for download only:

.pdf (Read only)